Inspection of engineering structures

Structures such as bridges, wind turbines, electrical pylons or even large historical monuments are impressive. Inutile de dire que l’inspection de ce type d?ouvrage donne du fil à retordre. Requiring the use of large, expensive, and difficult-to-use equipment, such as gondolas and self-propelled walkways, this inspection also represents a risk to the people sent on these interventions.

At VISUALSPECT, we have the solution to reduce the costs of this type of mission and offer total security.

A modern, safe and economical technique

We offer you secure inspection services through the use of drones. With VISUALSPECT, you choose a meticulous surveillance without endangering the mobilized personnel. 

No more risks associated with the use of aerial platforms and the dispatch of aerialists. At the same time, the costs of inspection by human intervention are considerably reduced. Save up to 60%. By using a drone, you also make the choice to preserve fragile areas that could be damaged by human intervention. 

With our expertise in drones, we take aerial shots that offer a panorama of the condition of the inspected structures. The structure, the materials, the roofs and the facades of the different buildings are checked. Inaccessible places no longer exist with the drone. Everything is scrutinized. The high quality imagery offered by the drone allows the detection of possible anomalies such as cracks, deformations or alterations. 

Using the advanced technology of the drone, it is also ideal to keep track of the different shots and improve your monitoring. It is an innovative surveillance to ensure the security of a site and prevent possible risks related to its condition.

For a variety of inspections

VISUALSPECT intervenes in all sectors with a real need such as the surveillance of structures or any other inspection requiring work at height. Roofs, water towers, pylons, chimneys or wind turbines are our mission places. We adapt to the specificities of the various types of works.

Our service of inspection of engineering structures is declined in 3 distinct offers answering different purposes:

Drone volant inspection d'ouvrage

Visual inspection of structures

To take all the necessary measurements for the visualization on our 3D model

This technique, based on the capture of multiple aerial images, offers considerable time savings and innovative rendering. The 3D vision allows you to easily project yourself in the inspected structure. It becomes easy to elaborate your construction plans. The aerial flight performed by the drone allows you to discover the building under its different angles.

Inspection thermique par drone

Thermal inspection of structures

To fight against energy loss due to poor insulation

This inspection, which is based on a thermography technique, detects and evaluates precisely the different sensitive areas requiring a reinforcement of the thermal insulation. This step is fully in line with the fight against global warming.

Vue aérienne d'une maison prise par drone

Insurance and bailiffs' reports

To provide a precise visual of a disaster or shots before work with rapid intervention

The drone inspection provides a detailed view of the damage caused. This high quality imagery allows us to obtain the most appropriate compensation.

Our expertise at your service

With these different inspection services, VISUALSPECT facilitates the reading of data that are difficult to collect. The use of drones makes accessible the monitoring of structures, which are difficult to access, but which require careful observation. 

At VISUALSPECT, we strive to provide you with work that is adapted to your type of work and the purpose you are looking for. In the projection phase of work, in search of critical elements or in routine monitoring, our team mobilizes to meet your needs.

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