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Drone inspection allows access to structures or buildings that are difficult to access. A faster method to meet your business objective.

Time and cost savings guaranteed. 

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The high-tech solution that reduces risk

When you conduct a work inspection, safety is at the heart of your concerns. Construction inspectors or inspection officers are often exposed to dangers on sites that are difficult to access.

Today, new technologies make it possible to eliminate the risks associated with inspections especially thanks to drones. Inspection of engineering structures by drone is the solution to reduce risks.

The drone is a remote-controlled flying device equipped with sensors, cameras or cameras. Its small size and maneuverability allow access to the most complex areas from a distance. Thanks to its last generation components, it guarantees the acquisition of precise and high definition data.


By leveraging drones for your inspections, you no longer have to send men to dangerous and risky areas.


With accurate and consistent data acquisition of your assets, you can perform detailed and actionable data analysis.

Time saving

Faster and less expensive than traditional methods, the use of drones guarantees an overall increase in your yield.

About us

Visualspect, a family company

Created in 2020, we are a family business fully convinced that our future lies in the adoption of new technologies. We want to share our innovative vision with as many people as possible and make them benefit from it, both professionals and individuals.

It is through our multidisciplinary nature that Visualspect was born. Aware of the safety risks during structure inspections, our interest in drones was a natural response to this problem.

Through Visualspect, we bring an innovative, low-cost solution that benefits many fields. We put drone technology to work for humans with the goal of ensuring the best results.

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